Fat Black Freaks Big Ass Orgy Party

Did you feel the quake hitting the area a few nights ago? Yeah, that was us, we were banging the shit out of these big ass sluts! Give these girls a buffet, alcohol, and they are more than willing to start rocking the area! I couldn't believe how much shaking was happening at our orgy party! Enjoy the video, sorry for getting you out of bed, didn't mean to set off the richter scale...

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Baleeta Bottoms

Baby's got back, and Baleeta's got more than I've seen on a chick in quite awhile! She was selling some magazine shit door to door, and when I answered the door, I knew I would buy something just to get her inside the house and fuck her big delicious ass! I don't know what the hell I signed up for, but she was quite convincing, especially after I got my dick sucked between those juicy lips of hers...

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Karmella Kreme

Karmella - kinda reminds you of something sticky gooey and utterly delicious! That's about how I'd describe this fat black freaky slut! She got all sticky allright, when my big dick found her wet holes and started stroking!

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Scented Kisses

I don't know about her "kisses", but I can tell you the lips on this big fat babe are one pair of lips every guy would love to have wrapped around his dick! Damn she knows how to give a guy a blowjob, hell, I thought she was going to suck my brains out! Next time you want a roll around with a freaky fat black babe, look up Scented Kisses and make sure you tell her I sent you, so you can feel one of her blowjobs too!

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Farrah Foxx

Man, Farrah is really one very fat black slut. I mean, just look at the rolls she's got! You want to get smothered, then let this freaky ebony babe just ride your dick! Maybe you'd prefer slapping her ass? Hell, she's up for that too - check out the video, you'll love the action!

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Cake Kash

I met Cake, of all places at the local bakery. Stopped in for a drink and I see this gorgeous fat ass black babe behind the counter serving up a lot of food. She must sit back there and eat it all, but that don't matter to me, I love fucking fat black chicks. I asked her if she wanted to come over for a little bit of cream dessert, she said yeah, and the next thing you know she's sucking my dick and telling me she wanted to get fucked!

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Mz. Buttaworth

Slippery when wet - and loving it every time you slide into her holes, Mz. Buttaworth is pancakes, syrup and definitely "all that"! One horny black slut; fat, freaky, kinky and knows how to shake everything her momma gave her! I love doing scenes with Mz. Buttaworth, she's got it all going on, loves sucking dick, and fucking like she ain't had sex in years!

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Ah shit! You ain't never fucked a black girl like Talishious; I mean, this bitch is just one freaky ebony slut with lots of booty that loves to be slapped silly! Guess what? I was the lucky sob to do so too! Enjoy the video and check out more of Talishious - lots more!

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Pleasure Unique

She's strutting her stuff. She has a lot of stuff to strut! Just look at the figure on this beauty. She's got nice big tits and a huge ass. The meat on her bones is tender and juicy. When she spreads those legs, it is nothing but pure pleasure. I had the time of my life exploring every inch of her smelly vagina. What more could a guy ask for? A sexy chick that fucks the living hell out of him.

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Char-Lee Redd

Take a look at Charlee. She's one for all you that love big black women. Wow, she's got a lot of meat on her bones. She was more than a pleasure to fuck. She might be a big girl, but her pussy is tight as fuck. These fat chicks will never cease to amaze me. I've never had so much great pussy in my life. These fat chicks can do more in the bedroom than you can imagine. They don't mind getting hot and sweaty.

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Nasty Nikki

I like my steaks just like how I like my women. Thick and juicy. Nikki is all the above and then some. I want to marry a girl like her. I bet she can cook up a storm. I know she can cook up a storm in the bedroom. This scene is so hot it almost catches on fire! Anyone that thinks big chicks can't suck a dick, needs to watch these movies. She almost sucked the meat right off the bone!

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Hot Gurl

You aren't going to believe this. I met this chick at an all you can eat buffet. No shit, I'm telling the truth. We got to talking over several plates of food and this is what happened. Believe me, she can put away the food. I can too, but she blew me away. Kind of like how she did in this scene. It was nothing short of a perfect pleasure to fuck her.

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Thunder Katt

When was the last time you saw a big girl like her ride a cock? She rode my cock like a wild beast. I got so turned on, I wanted to pound the hell out of her pussy. Which is exactly what I did. I fucked her like I haven't fucked a big beautiful chick in a long time. Let me tell you, she's one big girl that I'm going to be dreaming about for weeks if not months.

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Cali Clark

She's a big girl. You can see that with your own eyes. I would be willing to bet a dime to a dollar that she can cook a might fine meal. I would be willing to bet she could fry chicken in her sleep. I'm not joking, these fat chicks know how to fill a man's stomach. Let alone make their cock's really happy with their big beautiful bodies.

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Chocolate Nights

Chocolate is her name, eating chocolate must be her game I guess. This horny big black blubbery beeyatch sucked and fucked like a hungry wild animal that hadn't eaten in a month! You're going to trip out when you see the shit this chick can do with her mouth. This ho is 100% big butt certified and ready to fuck and suck anything that moves!

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Choclick Ty

Yup, you guessed it! Another big fat black freak who loves to swallow giant cocks whole. That's the thing about these big fat freaks, they know how to use their mouths better than anyone else. Some sort of oral fixation thing, who knows... Most importantly, these fat fuckers are horny 100% of the time cuz they don't get the cock all that often! Enjoy.

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Sasha Brabuster

Hmm, I wonder why they call this chick "Sasha Bra Buster"!??! She doesnt just have massive juggs, everything about this giant slut is oversized. If you like fat horny black sluts, you're going to love watching this big ol' freak getting nailed like never before. It may take a minute to find her hole, but once you do you're in for a hidden treasure!

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Niki Starr

Niki is a real looker. Not only is she big, she's damn good looking as well. I don't know how I got so lucky. I just showed up to work and they told me I was going to fuck this chick. I didn't know I was going to be fucking a big beautiful woman until I saw her. When I did, my jaw damn near dropped to the ground. Niki is definitely my kind of girl!

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